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Friday, February 16, 2007

FUBAR Friday

That's how I feel anyway, after this week!! Craziness at work, strange things happening here and there...look at what happened when I opened up google maps yesterday. (Click for big)


Do you see?! Do you see the cat??

closeup cat

Freakin' WEIRD!!! I was asking people to go to google maps to see if they could see the cat too--it was blinking and flashing, by the way--but no one else could. My brother said it was probably a "cache mixup", which is apparently when your computer has a brainfart and pulls a random image from your cache and sticks it somewhere it doesn't belong. In this case, that's someone's avatar from the forums replacing the google logo. WEIRD!

I spun the merino-tencel from (here it is before I spun it) and ended up with two small skeins--I was too lazy to figure out the weight or the yardage!

merino-tencel from

I spun it from the fold, my first attempt, so it's reeeeally uneven. But I really like how the colors look in both skeins, and how light and airy the resulting yarn is.

merino-tencel close-up

I am going to a dye party on Sunday with the Peachtree Handspinners Guild, so I'll finally get a chance to try some real dyeing. I ordered some BFL from one of the members who sells Louet products, and I am so excited to get my hands on it and start splashing colors around! Especially in someone else's kitchen, considering the size limitations of my own--and my dislike of post-crafting cleanup!

Have a great weekend everyone, and hope to see some of you locals on Sunday at the dye party!

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  • What dye party? I missed the last guild meeting, did they talk about it there? Damn! I had tons of yarn I spun that needs to be dyed.

    Oh well.

    Your yarn is beautiful. Love how shiny it is.

    By Blogger Hockey Mom, at 10:13 AM  

  • Weird on the Google thing.... must've made you think you were going batty, huh?

    I cannot believe the great seepage of spinning talent that's flowing through your fingers! Spinning from the fold is so.... so... adventurous! I've never made it past the long-inch. :-)

    *sniffle* my wheel...

    P.S. It's nice to see some regular updates out of you! Keep 'em coming.

    By Blogger Jennus Interruptus, at 8:07 PM  

  • OMG! I love the yarn! Great job spinning it!

    By Anonymous Lori, at 2:37 PM  

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