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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mr. Stegs

Despite my lack of blogging, I've been diligently knitting away on several different projects. Unfortunately the combination of life's duties and a lack of a digital camera has prevented me from sharing much of that progress. However, a co-worker and fellow knitter was kind enough to take a couple of pictures of my newest FO, which is a gift for another co-worker who is expecting a baby boy in mid-July. Behold my first knitted toy, Mr. Stegs! (Pattern available for free here.)


Knit with Tahki Cotton Classic Color, it looks much more "neon blue" in this picture than it does in person. I honestly don't remember the name of the colorway, but I think it makes for great dinosaur skin!

Here is a close-up of his face that shows not only the true colors, but the horrible, horrible job I did with the embroidery.


I mean really, he looks like he has some kind of genetic disorder. And what's going on with the stretched-out stitches where I was increasing? It's not overstuffed, the fabric looked that way before I even sewed it together. I wish now I'd tried to wash and stretch it more, to try to close up the loose areas.

So other than Mr. Stegs, I've been working on the Peacock Feathers shawl...but I would be surprised if I'm managing more than ten rows a week! I work on it exclusively during my lunch hour, since that is the only time I can really concentrate on knitting something that complicated. Forget trying to do it at home, the cats would make it impossible. I'm towards the end of the third chart, so I'll definitely get a picture as soon as I have my digital camera back (it's being borrowed for a parental vacation.)

And I'm also working on Tivoli, using some Rowan Cotton Glace that I got in a swap. I think it will turn out to be a good fit, though I'm really unhappy with my cast-on stitches at the underarm. I hope that a single-crochet edging with disguise the crappiness of it! So expect pictures of that WIP in the near future as well.

Apologies to all for my lack of response to e-mails and blog comments! If only I could afford to set up an internet connection at home, I'd be able to do more personal things like blog...but as it is, work is my only internet source, and web surfing has taken a backseat to, you know, WORK! But you will hear more from me soon, unless the cats eat me in my sleep!


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