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Friday, February 24, 2006

A wordy entry that would be greatly enhanced by pictures

In an attempt to reconnect myself to the "process knitter" within, my knitting goal for the weekend is to cast on for another Norwegian stocking, though the first is done only to the bottom of the leg. It is unmistakebly a stocking, and a fair isle one at that, but I can already sense I won't be happy with the finished product if it continues as it has been...widely varied stitches as I've experimented with tension, sizing issues, and a problem with my fair isle technique only recognized today after reading two helpful blog posts.

This second stocking will be an experiment in sizing and an attempt to both correct my fair isle technique and improve my overall tension. I plan to use US size 1 (actually 2.25 mm Plymouth bamboo dpns) from the start, which I switched to on the first stocking when it became apparent that even after the calf decreases, the ankle was far too roomy. It's still roomy, and there is a little space at the top of the calf that I think can be reduced by going down a needle size, though hopefully the motif won't be stretched by the overall reduction in circumference. I plan to use my regular tension, without trying to overcompensate by knitting tighter or looser than usual. Once again I plan to go inside-out, which has helped enormously with keeping my floats loose, especially on the corners.

Here's a note to myself that might help a LOT with tension issues, and overall appearance of the motifs: be sure to pick the main color OVER the contrast color, and contrast color UNDER the main color--this will help the CC motif to pop and be more apparent.

I'll keep the first stocking around for now to compare my results with the second--but hopefully, should this little experiment be successful, this second stocking will be one of the completed pair. And I promise I'll take pictures.


  • I feel your pain. I love these stockings and just want them to fit perfectly. I cast on the recommended number (84) using US 3s. For my second stocking (the one I am also experimenting with) I switched to 2s right around the decreases. I am almost to the foot now and am reaching the same dilemma--do I switch back to 3s for the foot? I really don't know what to do. I think I am going to finish it with the 2s. I would rather it be form fitting. Also, I am experiencing the same annoyance with the fair isle tension. Mine just don't look as even as others do. Thanks for the links and the tips on the MC and CC process. Good luck with yours!

    By Anonymous Erin, at 5:59 PM  

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