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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

It's like Christmas in February!!

...makes sense, since it's colder now than it was in December, anyway.

MY MELLOW SECRET PAL SENT ME THE BEST PACKAGE EVER. I can't believe all the amazing goodies she stuffed in there for me--all for me! The thought and care that obviously went into it makes even this battle-hardened badass choke up a little. I mean, look at it all!

Secret Pal Loot

FOLK SOCKS! What perfect timing! All I need now is my Baby Ull, a new set of double-points, and I will be in Norwegian Stocking heaven! (I hope it's heaven, anyway, since I just extricated myself from Friday Harbor hell.)

And would you believe she knit me a pair of socks?? I mean, how awesome is that??

Socks from my Mellow SP!

Yes, I truly have the most awesome Secret Pal in the history of mankind. I am in awe of her generosity and good taste. ;) Thank you so much, my Canadian friend!


  • So strange to see all those goodies on the other side! Trippy, man... they were just at my house! Anyway, I do hope you enjoy all the gifties... I had fun shopping for you!

    By Anonymous secret pallyhoo, at 1:24 AM  

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