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Friday, February 03, 2006

But where are the PICTURES??

I've been a bad blogger--not a single post since my last Jaywalker update, despite the fact that I've finished the pair and even cast on for another! Oh, I have pictures taken, I just haven't had the chance to upload them. See, now that I'm at my new job, I don't feel I can spend as much time goofing around on the internet ("but what are you doing now, hmm?") and since I don't have an internet connection at home, blogging was usually done at my old job where it didn't matter as much if I wasn't busy, you know, WORKING. But I am hoping to get my laptop somewhere with a free wireless connection, so I can upload the images of the finished socks, as well as my other WIPs.

I have to admit to my Knittyboard secret pal that I did buy myself something yesterday, but I doubt it's something she'd have gotten or planned to send me. (Don't be mad at me Jen! I couldn't help myself ;) ) I've been dreaming of the Norwegian Socks from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks, and decided to go ahead and order the yarn for them. (The book will have to come later.) I ordered Dale Baby Ull in silver for the main stocking color, peach for the central motif, and cream for the motif on the cuff. I love pink and gray together, and I think these stockings would be so cute to wear with my pink coat and a nice gray skirt! I only ordered two balls of silver, and one each of peach and cream, since Eunny's blog has a good description of the yarn requirements for the project. Sometimes having short legs isn't so bad--saves me money on yarn! Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting the yarn and, eventually, the book...I've been eager to try a more elaborate fair isle pattern, and I think this will be the perfect project to practice on.

Onto current projects, I cast on for a new pair of Jaywalkers with a skein of Socks that Rock I had in the stash. The colorway is Carbon Dating, I had been a bit disappointed when I got it in the mail because it definitely didn't look the way it does on the site--I was expecting more gray and pink tones, but it has a lot more dark blue, black and burgundy, with a little yellow thrown in. But now that I'm using it for the Jaywalkers, I'm liking how it looks knit up, and the yarn itself is great to work with. I'm definitely eyeballing other colorways, especially Rolling Stone and Watermelon Tourmaline...I might order them from The Fold eventually.

I've been struggling with the cuff of the Friday Harbor Socks for a few days now. I started out using dpns, but all of the counting and rearranging stitches to get the pattern to line up was so frustrating that I cast on and frogged at least three times. Last night I cast on with 32" 3.25 mm addis (Magic Loop method) and managed to make it through the entire cuff chart with only a couple of minor errors. I still needed to do some rearranging of the pattern to make sure it lined up, and I completely disregarded the chart and instructions, instead just eyeballing the pattern to make sure I was getting it right. But I've made it through the cuff and should be able to start the leg tonight.

I really, really need to focus on finishing Veste Everest--I think I'll force myself to work on it a little each day, so that it actually gets done in time to wear it before it starts getting warmer.

So there's your update! I'll work on getting pictures up as soon as I can. I leave you with a movie recommendation, which is Michael Haneke's newest film, Cache. Excellent, excellent film--the tension is out of this world, and it definitely leaves you guessing at the end. There's so much about this movie to discuss and think about afterwards, I think I'll be seeing it again this weekend. It gets this film snob's highest recommendation! I suggest leaving the knitting at home, definitely want to give all your attention to this film, especially the very last scene. Just a tip. ;)


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