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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

socka socka!

A finished Jaywalker

One Jaywalker down, and the second cast on yesterday! I'm happy to have gotten a little pooling on the the sock character, and if socks are hand-knit, then out of principle and appreciation for the craft I think they ought to be fraternal. Just my opinion. ;)

I am having such a fun time with the Knittyboard Secret Pal round! I haven't heard anything from my downstream pal, and unfortunately her questionnaire was a bit sparsely answered, but I'm having a good time shopping for her anyway. I think I'll go to a bead/jewelry store near my apartment sometime soon and try my hand at making stitchmarkers. I want to include something handmade in her packages, but I am all knitted out for others at the moment. As a matter of fact, Justin's sock was frogged on Saturday night...I was well into the foot and finally had him try it on, only to find that it was too loose. Oh well! I was getting bored with it anyway. That boy's feet are big!!

My own secret pal has already been so much fun to chat with, even if only through cryptic messages here and there. ;) I am resisting the urge to use my detective skills to uncover her secret identity! Secret Pal rounds are such a great can satisfy your urge to shop, but since you're not buying for yourself, half the guilt is gone! Plus it's a great chance to make a new friend. <3

It's my last week here in the old department, so I'd better get some work done! Wonder if I'll be able to read knitting blogs at my new job...maybe if I'm sneaky...hey, at least it's not porn, right?


  • Your Jaywalkers look absolutely fabulous. I color is great, and you're right, I can definetely see the sheen of the yarn.

    Great job!

    By Blogger Renada, at 1:28 PM  

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