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Monday, February 13, 2006

Forays into Fair Isle

I did some swatching for the Norwegian stockings this weekend, using the cream and peach Baby Ull. I'm expecting the purple and watermelon I ordered to arrive this week, so hopefully I'll have obtained a decent enough tension to begin the actual stockings by then. I'm still going to use the cream as the cuff motif, and I guess I'll keep the peach for another project. (I admit I am a little bit anti-stash...I tend to get nervous when I overpurchase yarn for a project and immediately start thinking of ways to justify overspending. I think I can get over that little hang-up eventually. :D )

Fair Isle swatch

This is the beginning of the grew by several inches over the weekend, but it got so overcast that getting a decent picture of its progress was impossible. We even had some snow this morning, it was so pretty...cold, but pretty. Yes, snow is a big deal in Atlanta! Anyway, I'm (heh heh) fairly pleased with my progress, I think overall my tension is decent. There are trouble hotspots that I'm working on--namely the vertical stripes, which as you can see are puckered from not having a long enough float, and the same issue on the two corners. I'm using size 2 Addis for this, Magic Loop-style. I started out using 2.75 mm dpns, and tried the inside-out Fair Isle method. That helps a lot with keeping the floats loose, but I was getting 9 stitches to the inch instead of 8, so I moved up to the 3.0 mm Addis. I'm wondering if I can do the inside-out method with Magic might be worth a shot. Otherwise, I'm stopping to stretch the fabric after each trouble hotspot, which seems to help keep it loose. Holding the two yarns in my left hand is going pretty well for me, too. Even attempting to hold one of the yarns in my right hand felt like a crime against nature. I doubt I'll ever learn to knit English style, but that's fine with me as long as I can manage Continental with more than one color decently.

Hey, Secret Pal! Look what a great use your plate has found...

Secret Pal plate w/ yarn

A lovely Fair Isle platter!


  • You bad girl, finding out who I am! That's okay, though - I expected as much when I posted the photo of the socks on my blog. Silly me... But glad you're finding a use for my mysterious bamboo plate.
    The sock swatch looks purdy.

    By Blogger jen, at 4:35 PM  

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