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Friday, February 16, 2007

FUBAR Friday

That's how I feel anyway, after this week!! Craziness at work, strange things happening here and there...look at what happened when I opened up google maps yesterday. (Click for big)


Do you see?! Do you see the cat??

closeup cat

Freakin' WEIRD!!! I was asking people to go to google maps to see if they could see the cat too--it was blinking and flashing, by the way--but no one else could. My brother said it was probably a "cache mixup", which is apparently when your computer has a brainfart and pulls a random image from your cache and sticks it somewhere it doesn't belong. In this case, that's someone's avatar from the forums replacing the google logo. WEIRD!

I spun the merino-tencel from (here it is before I spun it) and ended up with two small skeins--I was too lazy to figure out the weight or the yardage!

merino-tencel from

I spun it from the fold, my first attempt, so it's reeeeally uneven. But I really like how the colors look in both skeins, and how light and airy the resulting yarn is.

merino-tencel close-up

I am going to a dye party on Sunday with the Peachtree Handspinners Guild, so I'll finally get a chance to try some real dyeing. I ordered some BFL from one of the members who sells Louet products, and I am so excited to get my hands on it and start splashing colors around! Especially in someone else's kitchen, considering the size limitations of my own--and my dislike of post-crafting cleanup!

Have a great weekend everyone, and hope to see some of you locals on Sunday at the dye party!

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I still knit.

Really, I do. Here's proof.


Rock n Weave sock in progress

Oh socks. I love knitting you.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It's not Friday, but...

I just have to show off anyway. :D And who knows what the weather will be like later this week? I had to take advantage of the beautiful day and the chance to take some photos during my lunchbreak. Lucky me, I work in an office with a gorgeous courtyard.

Handspun BFL from Sweet Georgia, "Afterglow"

Finished this last week--about 250 yards of worsted-weight-ish bluefaced leicester from Sweet Georgia. The color is called "Afterglow."



It's soft as butter.

And here is my first plied yarn on the wheel, two skeins (about 7.5 oz total) of Lorna's Laces wool top in "Glenwood."


Handspun Lorna's Laces top, "Glenwood"


I guess it's between a worsted and a chunky weight? I got about 222 yards out of the bump. I was disappointed because the batch I got, despite being labelled 10 ounces, was really only about 8.5. Plus it was expensive. It was nice to spin, though, with a lot of predrafting--it was a bit felted. I don't know if I'd buy it again at full price. :P

And here are all three skeins hanging out on an old well cover in the garden!


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