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Monday, February 25, 2008

Shop update

I've updated my etsy shop with some new yarns!


Forest Path (with bunnies)


And another update will be coming later this week. I'm in love with my new drum carder! My spinning output is going through the roof. And I need to order more wool--I dyed the last of my merino over the weekend. Gotta stay occupied!

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Life is chaotic and seems to be finding a new unpleasant surprise for me everyday, but I'm finding comfort at the wheel. I broke down and purchased a new Louet Roving Carder, and I've found that I can create exciting and fun yarns just by reaching into my fiber stash and running whatever comes out through the carder.

40 Degree Day


Candy Colored Clown


And I've been enjoying some lovely hand-dyed fiber and batts from the many wonderful fiber artists out there--in this case, Falkland roving from the Yarn Wench, and bamboo batts from loop on etsy.



Life may feel like a rollercoaster ride these days, but at the very least I can sit down with my wheel and fiber and regain some measure of control.