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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Now I get what all the hype is about!

It's official: Ravelry helped me find a sweater I actually want to knit. (Of course, if I'd picked up a copy of Interweave spring 2007, I would have found it a lot sooner. But let's give Ravelry the credit!)

I'm not a sweater knitter. I've knit a few, but nothing that I ever wear or really ended up completely pleased with. I've had the idea in my head for a while that if I did ever attempt another sweater, it had to have some requirements. First off--it had to be a top-down raglan. Second, minimal finishing. And third, some kind of interesting pattern to keep my going. Stockinette in the round just wouldn't cut it. And finally, it had to be a stash-busting project that would work with the yarn I have: Elann's Peruvian Sierra Aran, bought once long ago for a cabled vest that never came to fruition.

And folks, I've found it, all thanks to Ravelry. The Cable-Down Raglan from IK Spring 2007!

Now I just need to wait to get the mag in the mail (swapping for it) and get my gauge figured out. I can hardly believe I'm this excited to knit a sweater again! Maybe it's the cooler weather.

Oh, and if you're on Ravelry, friend me! I'm Reporebo.


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