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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Return to irregularly scheduled programming

Surprise, surprise--I've added yet another hobby to my collection. Funny how I say I'll never do certain things and then I end up completely addicted to them. Let's hope that doesn't happen with something like, say, smoking crack. Maybe I need to stop saying "I'll never do X" altogether, because it seems like as soon as the words leave my mouth, an all-comsuming desire to master whatever hobby or skill I'm professing to have no interest in suddenly takes over. Or maybe I'm just full of shit!

So what is it now? Gardening! Mostly vegetable and herb gardening, but I'm slowly working my way into flowerbeds as well. I've tried my hand at growing peppers, tomatoes and a few herbs in containers on apartment balconies. But since we moved into our house with the incredible yard, I've expanded my little operation to include a raised bed, along with container-grown veggies and herbs.

raised bed

The raised bed currently has some haricot verts and two tomato plants, but is mostly bare and waiting for fall planting of lettuce, bok choy, and radishes.

cherry tomatoes

These two cherry tomato plants have been incredible! I've never tasted better ones before. Definitely going to grow my own from now on, it beats paying $3.50 for a container of them at the store when you can spend that much or less on a plant and be supplied all spring and summer. I'd like to try another variety next year, like these yellow pears.

sunny herb garden

This is my tree stump herb garden. No idea what the bizarre plant that's growing out of the stump is in back, but it's a good spot for spiders to hang out and catch the bad bugs that want my plants, so I've left it. The herbs have really exploded in size since I planted them in May.

There's basil in its own pot, but stupid me went and planted two invasives with smaller varieties of herb that are now struggling for space in their containers. The Battle of the Mint and the Turkish Oregano:

herbs up close

And Lemon Balm vs. Lemon Thyme.

herbs up close

I've even started composting so I'll hopefully have some nice black gold ready for the spring garden. Our landlord left a bunch of these wire cages in a back shed, so I've been using them for the compost.

compost bins

It's been so nice to have an outdoor hobby, even in the incredible heat we've had over the last month. It feels great to go outside and work in the garden, and to have so much space to take advantage of. When I'm in the garden Justin is usually outside working on his car, so it's nice to be able to be nearby, doing my own thing and having that kind of communal feeling of outdoor work. Plus knowing that I'm growing food for us is incredibly satisfying and makes me feel like I'm doing my own little part for the world, at least the place I live in. And there's nothing better than standing back and surveying my domain...

raised bed and house



  • Your garden looks so good! Go you!

    By Blogger unadventurous, at 11:12 AM  

  • My how you have grown! I remember meeting you when you were a recently deflowered Spinning virgin. Then a few months ago you were pondering planting squash.

    and now look at you with dirt under your nails!

    Now I know where to go for my midnight Cherry Tomato raids!!!

    By Anonymous Debbie, at 7:06 PM  

  • The mint will always win! Down with the mint (unless it is in its own container, of course).

    By Blogger Carina, at 9:21 AM  

  • Hooray! Love your new hobby. And the kitties! And the cute boy! Hate the Jiffy Lube!


    By Blogger Juniper, at 10:43 PM  

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